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Papa & Chases’ Insider Guide (and Tips) for visiting the LEGOLAND California Resort

LEGOLAND Insider Tips

Chase admires Star Wars planet in Miniland at LEGOLAND California Resort

My name is Chase and I am 4 ½ and this is my guide to visiting LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California (which is an area in northern San Diego, CA where I live).  LEGOLAND is my favorite place to go with my brother, my mom & dad, and my uncle, but especially with my grandma and Papa.  When they come to visit me in San Diego we always have a day of adventure at LEGOLAND California Resort.

Everyone likes LEGOLAND but it is especially fun for kids – even kids younger than me!  The little cities and villages made out of LEGO blocks are so much fun to look at (LEGOLAND calls this Miniland).  So many things in Miniland move around – there is a little tiny parade in a place called New Orleans, lots of sparkling lights in Las Vegas, super tall buildings in New York City and they even have scenes from 7 of the planets from STAR WARS at LEGO Star Wars Miniland.   Most of the rides and attractions are perfect for kids from age 2 up through late teens (there are some really fun rollercoasters too!) When my Papa takes me we always have so much fun because we have learned so many secret tricks about the park which lets us get around faster and we get to see and do just about everything.  I’m going to share a few of my insider tips with you below.

Chase’s Insider Tips: 


  • Come early.  Official opening time is usually 10AM.  You can arrive at the gate up to an hour before and get right into the park.   Some of the rides start running half an hour before the regular opening.  If your parents say its ok, stay at the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel – and you’ll get in through the secret entrance before the other people who aren’t staying at the hotel 🙂  If you are looking for discounted tickets you can buy them here.
  • Get annual passes – they cost much less than two one-day tickets and one day is just not enough to do everything.  If you are likely to come more than two times during the year then have one person spend an extra $40 or so for at least one Merlin Annual pass (we get one kids Merlin Annual Standard pass for me) which includes free parking and a discount on food and other purchases at the gift shop for all our group plus a whole lot more.  My Papa says it pays for itself very quickly and I end up getting my whole car of people into LEGOLAND for FREE whenever I go with them.
  • Go to the most popular attractions first before the lines get long.  The longest lines form at Lost Kingdom Adventure (boat rides) and the Sky Cruiser mainly because they hold only a few people at a time on them.
  • Eat lunch early…or late – There are so many great places to eat within the park, one of our favorites is the Pizza & Pasta Buffet located in the far South East corner of the park near the LEGO TECHNIC Coaster.  Another one of our favorites is the Burger Stop located next to the Driving Academy and Sky Patrol Helicopters. Try to have lunch either before noon on busy days or after 2pm if you can t avoid the lunch crowds.
  • Bring a stroller – even if someone in your family thinks they are old enough to walk around and doesn’t need a stroller don’t listen to them, it is great to have something to carry all the things you will want to bring (and maybe buy) and in case someone wants to lie down they can.
  • Go early in the week if you can..or during the off-season but check the daily schedule to make sure LEGOLAND is open – during the slower season they close  on some midweek days .
  • Things to bring include towels, clothing changes and bathing suits on all but colder days even if you are not going to the Water Park.  There are multiple places where kids can have fun getting wet and you’ll be surprised on how wet we’ll get even when our parents think its cold!
  • Be prepared for the temperature to drop as soon as the sun goes down or whenever the clouds roll in from the ocean which is only a few miles away.  Carlsbad is almost always mild during the day but can cool down quickly so I always bring a sweatshirt.
  • Bring some of your own snacks if you want to – they usually let us bring in some little snacks because I get hungry and sometimes I’m hungry when we are in line and can’t get food.  The food prices at LEGOLAND are definitely more reasonable than most amusement parks but if you want to bring your own favorite snack that is easy for an adult to carry you can.
  • Visit Miniland later in the day or when the lines for rides are long.  We like going here toward the end of our visit because there are no lines, you just walk around and see whatever you want, and get ideas of what you want to build.  Don’t forget to go to the LEGO Star Wars section toward the back of Miniland on the side of the hill, it is my all-time favorite!
  • Let us high-energy kids run around at a place called “Hideaways” while the adults sit in the shade and rest.  It is an awesome place for kids to climb, run & slide, it is so much fun.  It is best if you are between the ages of 3 to 12 but if you are younger you can get some help from your parents, or your older brother or sister or a bigger friend.  This is a great place to go to during the times when the rides are the busiest and lines are really long!  OH… it is called “Hideaways” for a reason…it is hidden in the trees and kind of hard to find if you don’t have a map but I’ll give you a hint, it is past the mini golf!

LEGOLAND has a pretty cool map you can check out online here that looks like this, but it actually moves and you can click on it and explore where you want to go before you GO!


Papa and I have lots more to share with you about LEGOLAND but that will have to wait for another time…have fun!