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About Us

San Diego Attractions was started by two local families wanting to “show off” this fine city of San Diego to both locals and visitors.  Gina, President of Mancuso Media, an agency based in San Diego specializing in marketing mid-size businesses throughout Southern California, and Jenny, Mancuso Media’s Digital Strategist.  Gina and Jenny decided to join forces to promote the city they love, and where each are raising their families here in the San Diego area.  Gina, originally from Omaha, NE and Jenny from a small town in Connecticut, both came to San Diego at different times but stayed for the same reasons, this beautiful city offering near-perfect weather and so many things to do, especially the outdoor activities!

I moved here when I was 25 years old and never left, San Diego has that effect on so many people. Did I mention I’m solar powered, says Jenny. It’s easy to leave the house in the morning and not come back until late evening after a full day out with the family exploring areas of San Diego that we still haven’t been to or area that are in growth mode. There is so much to see and do, it is hard to even know where to start when someone asks me for a referral of where to go or what to do when visiting. This is a main reason why we started this website, to give some advice and let others who are passionate about San Diego chime in and add their experience too.  We hope it becomes a place of reference for both locals and visitors.

Both Gina and Jenny are self-proclaimed “foodies” who love to try new restaurants as well as frequent their “old” standby favorites that have made this city so well known as a foodie destination.

Part of the fun of this website project is trying new restaurants and activities and then blogging or posting about what we experience and letting people know what we like or love about each place, said Gina.  Sure there are many places people can see reviews on restaurants and hotels and a lot of them are full of complaints or have complicated algorithms which decide whether or not they are going to show based on membership or how often you post.  Our site is going to be simple, we and our valuable contributors will have an experience, we’ll post what we liked about it – and if it is not a place we would recommend to our friends and family we just won’t post.  That way, you are getting some insight from locals and visitors on the “not to miss” spots throughout the city.  Let’s face it, your time is precious especially if you are on vacation, and you want to make the most of it right? Our goal is to help you find what you are looking for, an experience, and then you’ll come back for more!

– Gina & Jenny

Jenny and Gina